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Did I forget to welcome you to my blog? Oh well, who cares really? I mean you just landed here on your own will didn’t you? But anyway, thanks for visiting. I hope you find your stay an exciting and enlightening one.

This being my first post on this blog; I think its necessary to tell you, the reader, what to expect here. This blog will talk about anything and everything that I feel like writing & sharing with the world. It can be thoughts & ideas about work, life, politics, religions, pros and cons of stuff, things that I have learned and am learning.

You should be advised that at times, you will find some offensive content on this blog. By offensive content I DO NOT mean I will have porn videos playing here. I mean thoughts and writings that you might not agree with and views that may make you think that “This Adil guy is a total Jerk”.

You should feel free to post your thoughts and responses. Even if you don’t agree with what I say, just remember that I do and will always respect your thoughts; regardless of whether or not I agree with you.

We will all have fun on these pages, will indulge in funny and serious discussion, might even cuss each other out in private at times but lets make one thing clear here: This website and its content is based on respect and freedom of speech. It will NEVER directly disrespect anyone (unless that person is a real jerk). The decision of someone being a jerk or not on this website lies solely & wholly with me (why? because this is MY website)

3 Comments to “What’s This Blog About?”

  1. vero says:

    eight of four, two-two, three-two hahahahhaha!

    I’ll read one article per day, how’s that!

    Good to hear from you buddy!

    Many smiles,

  2. Akif says:

    Hi! I very much like your blog. I am a Muslim, but not a terrorist. Can I e-mail you? I would like talking with you.

    Best Wishes,

    Oion Akif

  3. Adil - as well says:

    Hi, my friends were screwing around with my computer at school and were searching my name, they came across this site and i now find that I can really relate to you, as a Muslim living in a Western country (Australia). It has been ages since you wrote your last post. Can you please start writing again?


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