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OK so since you are here, you probably want to know who I am! Well…. to put things in perspective about me; there are two ways your question can be answered.

Answer 1: I can be your worst nightmare.
Answer 2
: I can be your best friend.

Which answer applies to you depends on who YOU are. If you are one of those who would appreciate a laugh, even if the subject is meaningless; then we will get along pretty well. If you are one of those grumpy “Corporate America” style guys who are just full of themselves and can’t appreciate the little good things in life then answer 1 above is for you.

Here are some quick facts about me to get you started:

Name: Adil Javed
Iran (born)  & Pakistan (raised)
Currently a Citizen of:
Sales & Product Development (Technology Sector, for SME’s)
Orientation & Status:
Straight & Married
About My Family: A great wife & two lovely children.

Why did I start this blog: Because I have developed a love for writing & I think good ideas & thoughts should be shared.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about me? Go ahead & send me an email info(at)helloadil(dot)com <== Why did I type it like this? So that spam engines cant get my email address and start sending me Viagra & Enlargement emails. I don’t need any of those (yet).

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