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So I was sitting outside Starbucks last week smoking away and enjoying the weather with my brother in law when this 75 year old gentleman lands on the chair next to us. He starts talking and asking us questions like where we are from and why are we here (in United States). One thing leads to another and turns out he is an Egyptian Christian who migrated to USA some 40 years ago. So far so good……

During our conversation, he offers to tell us why he left Egypt only if we don’t take it personally. Then he goes on to say “I left Egypt because of Muslims”. This came as a bit of shock (not that it was taken personally) but when he went on to explain further, it was evident that this gentleman (like many others) was of the view that “All Muslims are Terrorists”. He further went on to claim that “Islam teaches terrorism and terrorism is a fundamental part of Islamic teachings”. (F**K why ain’t I surprised?)

This reminded me of an uncle of a very good friend and associate of mine “Mr. A” who is of British descent and whose uncle once spoke the golden words while at a party “You know; not all Muslims are terrorists….. but all terrorists ARE Muslims”.

Being a Muslim myself, I always wondered why are all Terrorists Muslims? Well most of them! I took a detailed look at the Major Religions of the World ranked by number of adherents. Apparently Muslims stand at #2 with 1.5 Billion adherents preceded by Christians with 2.1 Billion. So here’s an explanation that comes to mind. In a scenario where there is only two major groups of people; one of them has to be the bad guys; and usually its the group that is less distinctive. In this case, its the Muslims. Now if this statistic was the other way around, which means there were 2.1 Billion Muslims and 1.5 Billion Christians, it would be the Christians who would be the bad guys or the Terrorists, so to speak.

I know a lot of people will disagree with my point here. I also know that 99% of the people who will disagree with me will be either Muslims or Christians. To take it a step further, my feeling is that ALL Jews, Hindus, Bahai’s, Sikhs and Buddhists will agree with me. Not only agree with me but they will applaud right after reading what I just said (Sikh’s will toast a shot of whisky, Hindus will bow for a moment and our all time favorite Jewish friends will make a run to the Synagogue to celebrate this certificate of exemption from all the crap that’s going on around the globe). Not to mention by now there’s a bunch of Muslim brothers out there planning a Drive-by shooting at me…………… but they will have to find me first ;)

But its not important whether you agree with me or not. What’s important is, for all races and religions to know that NO RELIGION in this world teaches terrorism, killing or hurting of other people. The fundamental teachings of every religion enforce and reinforce peace, humanity, love and respect. Its always a group of “scumbags” in every religion that make the masses look bad. For example, how many Muslims in the world do you think approve of killing any human being for any reason? Maybe 1 in a hundred thousand. But its that one a**hole who makes the other 99,999 look bad.

A Greek Musician called “Yanni” once said something very meaningful.

“An astronaut in an interview was describing his experiences while he was orbiting the planet and he was saying how beautiful Earth looks from above. He said that much to his surprise, when he was going over Europe, he found that he was having a hard time telling the countries apart from each other. He said, the reason for that was, that the lines that are there in the maps, are not on the planet, it makes a great point: these lines really don´t exist. They´re made up by people and we perpetuate in the illusion that somehow we´re all different from each other and I think the world would be a much better place if someday we stop pretending that these lines exist and we concentrate in our similarities rather than in our differences.”

The last line in this quote holds a great message. Its a shame that most Mullahs, Clerics, Priests and Rabbi’s go on and on for hours about how different their religion is from other religions, however none of them ever talks about how all these religions are so similar to each other. Specially when it comes to basic principles. All religions of the world are based on more or less the same basic principle of “Be good & do good”. Islam is no different. One of the building blocks of Islam is kindness and mercy towards all living beings (humans and animals). Here is a little collection of some verses from Quran for those of us who care to find out the truth about Terrorism in Islam. Here is a final quote that answers many questions in a few words;

“The origins of a Terrorist act should be sought in

disbelief rather than in religion”

6 Comments to “Not All Muslims are Terrorists, But………”

  1. Mike Pacheco says:

    a very good blog post.I hope and wish everyone thinks the same and most problems in the world will be solved.thank you for very interesting point of view.

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  3. Very nice write up there! I have always wondered why every single terrorist on earth that i know or have heard about is a muslim! Sometimes i must confess that i get scared of muslims because i cannot predict what they will do next in the name of defending their religion. I read the Quran and I am amazed at the number of verses encouraging violence that i have found out and please my muslim brothers dont be offended by the truth i am writing because i fear that muslims have a short temper and can kill eaily any day any time even without provocation. Why is it like this? If other religions were this violent the world would have been destroyed a long time ago. My ancestors who rejected islam were killed in the name of jihad but i do not hear of other religions helping to fight for their god or kill to propagate their religion. Why my muslim brothers? Why??????

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  5. adil - as well says:


    I generally like your blogs but I don’t quite like this one. Adil, just because you are a muslim are you going to get out your gun and start massacaring all Christians in America? If you feel you are obliged to, I however do not. Maybe you were just conveying both points of veiw but i am pretty sure, the word “terrorist” was not invented because of Muslims. Anyway I like all your other blogs and I think you should write some more.

  6. Necromancer says:

    I tend to both agree and disagree with your comments..
    What majorly appalls me is why do these Jehadis use religion as a propoganda..
    If u r religion is so peace loving, then how can they(the jehadis) distort it so much?? Isnt it strange..
    And u might see christians as #1 on terror list.
    But frankly I dont remember any incident where a chrisitan blew himself up along with 100 others for the sake of his religion..
    Only muslims seem to do these utter nonsense.. Which according to you is no where mentioned in the foundation of your “peace loving” religion?
    2ndly millions of muslims are perishing in hunger & instead of focussing on them the fundamentalists spend more on arms than on food and education.. Certainly this too is not endorsed by islam??
    Can you explain as these things really evade me?

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