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Alright here we are again! Another blog post about women and their “zen” habits. God save me from the day when my “significant” other reads these posts.

Anyway……. on to the topic. So whats up with these women so much in love with those big, ugly, nasty, inefficient, fuel guzzling and overpriced SUVs? How come I always see these small, attractive, lightweight, nice looking ladies driving these ugly monsters? (and my better half is no exception to this, or to the adjectives that I just used for that matter).

I see these ladies driving these huge “things” and it always instigates a thought process. So I decided to do some research, give it some thought and try to get to the bottom of the logic behind this malice that the average citizen faces. Here is an equation that I found somewhere and modified a little to suit this blog, followed with my reasoning:

Ladies+ Huge Vehicles+Idiocy = Danger for the Average Citizen.

Here are the reasons why women love SUVs so much. These are totally unbiased opinions. Oh well…. you know how it is don’t you? I know women readers will disagree. For all you ladies who would like to run me over with your mean machines; just remember there has been a lot of thought, logic and research put into this blog post! So do your part of the research before you come at me the “V8″ style :)

The Intimidation Factor:
Suppose you are driving on the road in your Toyota Prius. All of a sudden you see this huge monster-alike Escalade tailgating and growling as if you were a speed breaker. What will you do? Well if you have a good enough reason to live, you will get out of its way. Women (some women) like to intimidate others. In some cases they like to intimidate everyone and everything; people, trees, dogs, poles, birds etc etc. This is how they do it on the road. What are they really doing? They are “passing on” the intimidation to you (that they received from somewhere or someone).

The Power & Money Show Off Factor:
Sounds like your average woman? Yeps! You will not let any chance of showing that “you have it” slip away. So when that Escalade is tailgating you, if you somehow have the power of reading the other persons mind, this is exactly what that lady-driver is trying to tell you; See this? It can rip your little hybrid apart in two if you don’t move right now! I don’t have time to stop and think if you impress me or not, specially since I am driving an $80,000 SUV and you (scumbag) are interfering in my fun ride with your little hybrid dinky. So move away right now or you will most likely end up in the hospital while I will walk away with my hair still looking nice, my makeup unaffected and my Caramel Frappuccino still in the cup holder. Did I mention the lipstick mark on the straw? Oops!

The Safety & Protection Factor:
OK lets face it: Since you know by now that we are talking about attractive, nice looking young women, they really don’t deserve to die, at least that soon; or at least for as long as they are “young”. So these big cars do offer them protection to some extent. I will agree with any woman who justifies her love for the SUVs by pitching safety for her and her children, because we all know these vehicles are generally safer than the tiny Hondas and Toyotas. I’m not talking about the women who drive as if they spent the last night with Michael Schumaker. But then again, when these darling drivers die on the road, they take a few others with them too, specially with those 3 ton tanks.

SUV Makers Target Women in their Marketing “Shpeels” & Ad Campaigns:
Automakers love women. Specially the rich ones, ahem….. I mean the ones who have rich husbands (like my wife…lol). They come up with these names for their vehicles that specifically target and appeal to women. While doing some research I found the following very interesting perspective by someone called “Oodles”

“The Hummer must have been at least partially named so because of the words it comprises – “mum” and “Her.” And SUVs with names like Santa Fe, Sequoia, Acadia, VUE, Cayenne, Tribeca, and Pacifica leave little doubt who automakers were targeting. I mean, what’s next? Chevy Strawberry and Acura Lala? Saturn OMG XE and Honda Xena? It’s definitely a huge business and the ladies are driving it.” (Courtesy “Oodles” – Here is a link to his blog post)

On the contrary we all love our women. Its double the fun when the automakers love “our” women too. Its their cars and our cash. Together we make the lady happy………… and believe you me my friend; Life is good as long as the lady is happy!

14 Comments to “Why do women love big, ugly SUVs?”

  1. Gaderman says:

    Not only are these cars fuel hungry- they also add to pollution and global warming.

  2. Dougles says:

    Super post, tienen que marcarlo en Digg


  3. Truden says:

    Todo din?mica y muy positiva! :)


  4. Truden says:

    Greatings, Ya he visto algunos hay …


  5. Mike says:

    Right on! I see it everywhere…the tiny blond, in her enormous, my-husband-is working-and-I-am-out-shopping, SUV.

  6. adam says:

    I get confused why women do anything. I just saw a woman of about 40 who was 5 feet tall climb into a new Suburban. Alone and with no shopping bags, of course. Think i’ll save up for an F-650. Lol

  7. Paul Noakes says:

    All SUVS are UGLY. If you appreciate any style in motor vehicles you could not possibly want one. Boxy, bland, usually silver, never dirty, some would fall apart on a dirt road.
    They boast great load space but fall down in this area badly.
    What’s the point of the damn things?

  8. Milena Larssen says:

    Ewww SUVS are hideous!!!!
    The only nice “SUV” is the Chevy Tahoe or Suburban!
    That actually look like cars, not some technical error on wheels!

  9. Ron says:

    SUVs are for people who don’t like to drive. They handle like crap. A serious driver would NEVER want to drive an ill handling vehicle.

  10. Shaun says:

    I agree with Ron. Where I live, people drive these massive vehicles at mind boggling speeds. These vehicles are not designed for that. That’s what sports cars are for. The SUV mentality is one of stupidity. They think the bigger the vehicle, the faster you can drive. It doesn’t work that way. You can have all the electronic stability control and other technology and it doesn’t matter. If there is some mistake, you are going to flip, period. These drivers have a high center of gravity and that’s what going to happen. Law of physics. They put themselves and the rest of us in danger. But the fact is, they don’t care. SUV drivers are some of the most self centered people you’ll ever meet. They in fact do not like to drive and buy these vehicles for intimidation. They think they are safer in an accident too. But their lack of good handling is more likely to get you an accident in the first place. One of the worst things to ever come out of Detroit. They are a public menace. It’s too bad people these days are too stupid to realize that.

  11. Ardent says:

    Just do a search for recent car accidents, and you’ll see that most of them are done by women drivers, driving SUVs, while texting, drinking, smoking pot, putting lipstick on, or emailing. Women SUV drivers are the worst and the most dangerous drivers on the road. I think these women SUV drivers must have a great inferiority complex, that’s why they have the need to act “macho” on the road. It’s all about being “macho”, being able to cut people off, and driving carelessly, way too fast or way too slow, just to prove they’re better and smarter than anyone else. That’s why the SUV car companies target women, and they try to convey the message that SUVs are Sexy. There’s nothing sexy about SUVs, they’re huge, ugly machines designed by blind people who have no design taste, they remind me of Hitler’s tanks, maybe that’s why women feel “macho” driving them. In either case, let’s just hope this is only a trend, and that in a few years from now SUVs will become such a turn off, just like the station wagons from the 60′s.

  12. bigten88 says:

    A friend of mine (a female one) calls them Selfish User Vehicles. A truly great call on her part. The only thing I think of when I see a Mall Barbie or Botox Brenda driving one of these things is, “Sure chick, be sure to suck up all the gas, glass, steel and rubber you can, it is all about YOU!”

  13. SUV Hater says:

    I notice this all the time and honestly, it bugs the living hell out of me. It’s usually ignorant, mindless, disgusting middle aged women driving alone in these gas-guzzling, polluting machines. They waste natural resources and if they get into an accident with somebody in a small car, they know they are more likely to survive and kill that person. They are cowardly, selfish pigs. I want to ram into them and smash the hell out of their shiny new SUVs.

  14. Sam says:

    SUV’s aren’t my piece of cake by any means. However, when I think of an ugly automobiles cars like the Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang come to mind. Their retro style is HIDEOUS! If you want to look like a simpleminded redneck then drive one of those cars. Or, if you want to pretend you’re a circus performer then get one of those cars in purple, lime green or orange with those stupid silly stripe kits installed by the factory!

    I can say that there are several SUV’s that look much better than some cars do and even get better gas mileage and are safer vehicles as well. And you’ll have ample interior room and a compliant ride. Ever ride in a new Mustang? Talk about a buckboard ride and a cheap, cramped interior to boot! It’s so old fashioned it’s ridiculous!

    The Germans still build the best of everything car wise; the Japanese are right up there as well.

    I’ve owned too many American cars to know why the US auto industry nearly bankrupted itself!!!

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