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So this morning I was at starbucks after dropping off my princess at her school. While I am waiting in line for my coffee; there’s this lady standing behind me who is trying to strike a conversation with me. She was wearing a badge that said “Aflac Regional Sales Co-ordinater”. So while she is trying to make her first sale before her morning coffee, I ask her this; What exactly does a “regional sales co-ordinator” do?

To my utmost surprise she was like “Oh I’m a sales person, this title on my badge makes me look and feel more important. All I really do is sales”. Really? So you say!

Why do sales people suffer from an inferiority complex? I mean what’s up with the glorifying “terms” when you actually do sales? And then, how can mere words make you feel and look important if you already have a blanket of inferiority surrounding you?

Anyway, so she gives me this marketing “shpeel” of how I should consider Aflac for my family’s health insurance. I listen to her being the gentleman that I am and thank her. She hands me her business card. By now I have my coffee and I gotta go start my day doing all the great things that I do (making sales) so I try to shake hands with her and thank her. She doesn’t shake my hand; instead says “oh we don’t shake hands, we just hug” . Before I know it I am in the arms of a 45 year old stranger like an avocado seed inside the avocado.


What kind of a fucked up sales tactic is that? What kind of an impression would you make on your prospects if you told them you don’t shake hands and stepped up to hug them without their permission? Whats next? Kiss? Have sex? Jesus Christ gimme a break here. Talk about pissing your clients off.

I wont call her even if she offered me free health insurance. This brings me to the conclusion on why 20% of people in sales make all the money and the other 80% sit around wondering what their sales title should be or how can they be cheezy enough to scare their prospects away.

We don’t shake hands….. we just hug! Ugh….. it sounds even creepier when it comes from an Insurance company.

Yeps….. we just hug (from behind). Isn’t that what all insurance companies do? Well…. after they have our money?

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  1. Jason Laroque says:

    Nice blog post adil. Aflac sucks incase you dodnt know. I read your other posts and \I like most of them.

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