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I always fail to understand whats the fuss all about? Health care is a basic need and its everybody’s right. So they passed it and the president signed it yesterday. Come on people stop bitching and say thanks for the big favor this president did you.

Its funny how Americans are never happy. Well I’m talking specifically about those Americans who are opposing the health care bill. The president signed it yesterday and today 10 states stand up and sue uncle Sam’s ass. I mean for God’s sake bitches get a life! Nobody ever sued anybody for 9/11. But oh wait, they need to catch the bad guys first to sue him no? Well yeah if the white collar shit eaters who claim they know how to run this country stop bitching about this bill and try to concentrate on more important tasks it may help.

And then there is the flip side. The money issue. There are those Americans who will lose a lot of money when this bill goes into effect. Most of them are politicians anyway and then the big guys on wall street. Specially the insurance companies who pay these folks over and under the table to protect their interest. They all make money while John Doe sits at the hospital waiting room wondering what just hit him!

Here’s a solution. Why cant these guys sit down and look at how Canadians, French and the British are running their countries in terms of health care. Its a shame when as a Canadian I tell my American friends how we walk into a hospital, get taken care of and walk out WITHOUT paying anything; their jaws drop like I just told them some bullshit self crafted story of free health care.

Hey….. here’s another solution. FBI has lie detectors. Make all these dickhead politicians (who oppose the bill) sit down, connect the lie detector to them and ask them one simple & plain question. “Tell us why you don’t agree with the health care bill?”.  Then just listen to their bullshit and watch that display on the machine do the magic.

I’d say president Obama’s year and a half in the office has been well spent. Oh well… at least with this milestone achieved. I guess his next step should be taking health care away from all these bastards who make taxpayers pay for their prostate problems and indigestion caused by overeating the tax payers money ;)

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